Data Privacy Notice – 1st December 2021

This is your guide to how personal data is managed by 

Enda O’Brien Mortgages Limited, trading as Enda O’Brien Financial Planning. Please read it carefully. 

Data  privacy  is  taken  very  seriously  at  Enda  O’Brien  Mortgages  Limited,  trading  as  Enda  O’Brien  Financial  Planning.  It  is  important  that  you  know  exactly  what  we  do  with  the  personal information you and others provide to us, why we gather it and what it means to  you. This document outlines our approach to Data Privacy to fulfil our obligations under the  General  Data  Protection  Regulation  (2018).  We  also  welcome  it  as  an  opportunity  to  reassure you of the importance we place on keeping your personal data secure, and of the  strict guidelines we apply to its use. We want you to be clear on: 

  1. Who we are 
  2. The information we collect about you 
  3. When and how we collect information about you 
  4. How we use your information 
  5. Who we share your information with  
  6. How long we hold your information  
  7. Implications of not providing information 
  8. The legal basis for using your information 
  9. How we keep your data safe 
  10. Processing your information outside the EEA 
  11. How to exercise your information rights (including the right to object)  12. How to contact us and/or our Data Protection Officer  
  12. Changes to this notice 

Enda O’Brien Mortgages Limited,  trading as Enda O’Brien Financial Planning complies with  the  requirements  of  the  General  Data  Protection  Regulation  2018  and  the  Irish  Data  Protection Act 2018. The data which you provide to us will be held on a computer database  and  paper  files  for  the  purpose  of arranging  transactions  on your  behalf. The  data will  be  processed only in ways compatible with the purposes  for which it was given and as within  this Privacy Notice.  

Please contact us at if you have any concerns about your personal  data.  You have  the  right at any  time  to  request a copy of any ‘personal data’  (within  the  meaning of the GDPR) that our office holds about you and to have any inaccuracies in that  information corrected. 

  1. Who we are

Enda  O’Brien  Mortgages  Limited,  trading  as  Enda  O’Brien  Financial  Planning  is  a  financial  broker  specialising  in  providing  financial  advice  to  people  throughout  Ireland.  Our  GDPR  owner and data protection representatives can be contacted directly here: 

  • Enda O’Brien 
  • 087 823 3425 

When  we  refer  to  ‘we’  it  is  Enda  O’Brien  Mortgages  Limited,  trading  as  Enda  O’Brien  Financial Planning. Please read  this Statement carefully as  this sets out  the basis on which  any personal data we collect from you, or that you provide to us, will be processed by us. 

  1. The information we collect about you

There are a number of reasons for gathering information about you. For instance, we need  to know how to get in touch with you, we need to be certain of your identity and we need  to understand your financial circumstances, so we can offer you products and services and  give you the best possible customer experience. The information we collect falls into various  categories. 

  • Identity & contact information  

Name,  date  of  birth,  copies  of ID,  contact  details,  PPS  number  (or  foreign equivalent),  security details to protect identity, nationality, home status and address, email address,  work and personal phone numbers, marital status, family details, tax residency and tax  related information. 

  • Financial details/circumstances  

Bank account details, credit/debit card details, application processing and administration  records, your employment  status and employment  details  of your  partner,  credit  data  from  credit  registers,  credit  agency  performance  data,  life  assurance,  pension  and  investment  details,  transaction  details,  financial  needs/attitudes,  contact  outcomes,  authorised signatories details, information relating to power of attorney arrangements. 

  • Marital status and/or financial associations  

If  you  are  married  or  are  financially  linked  to  another  person  in  the  context  of  a  particular  product  or  service,  a  financial  association  may  be  created  between  your  records  and  their  records,  including  any  previous  and  subsequent  names  used  by  you  (for  example,  if  you  apply  jointly  or  one  is  guaranteeing  the  debts  of  another).  This  means  that we may  treat your  financial affairs as affecting each other. These links will  remain on your and their files until you or they break that link. We may make searches  on all joint applicants, and evidence of that search will be left on all applicants’ records. 

  • Information you provide us about others or others provide us about you  If you give us information about someone else (for example, information about a spouse  or financial associate provided during the course of a joint application with that person),  or someone gives us information about you, we may add it to any personal information  we  already  hold  and  we  will  use  it  in  the ways  described  in  this  Data  Privacy  Notice.  Before you disclose information to us about another person, you should be sure that you  have their agreement to do so. You should also show them this Data Privacy Notice. You  need to ensure they confirm that they know you are sharing their personal information  with us for the purposes described in this Data Privacy Notice.
  • Sensitive categories of data  

We  may  hold  information  about  you  which  includes  sensitive  personal  data,  such  as  health or criminal conviction information. We will only hold this data when we need to  for the purposes of the product or services, we provide to you or where we have a legal  obligation to do so. Examples of when we use this type of data include:  

o Medical information,  for example, where you apply  for life insurance, mortgage  protection or investment products.   

o If you have criminal convictions, we may process this information in the context  of completing an insurance policy. 

o Information  about  you  provided  by  others  If  you  give  us  information  about  someone else, or someone gives us information about you, (for example, where  another  person  provides  your  information  to  us  during  the  course  of  a  joint  application), we may add it to any personal information we already hold and use  it in the ways described in this Data Privacy Notice. 

  • Information which you have consented to us using   

o Your  agreement  to  allow  us  contact  you  through  certain  channels  to  offer  you  relevant products and services.  

o Information from online activities.   

We collect information about your internet activity using  technology known  as  cookies,  which  can  often  be  controlled  through  internet  browsers.  For  detailed information on  the cookies we use and  the purposes  for which we  use them, see our Cookie Policy, which is available on our website.  

We  collect  information  about  your  internet  browser  settings  or  otherwise  Internet Protocol (IP) and other relevant information to help us identify your  geographic location when providing you with our services.   

  • Other personal information   

o Telephone and image recordings.   

o CCTV  images  at  our  offices (but  only  for  security  reasons  and  to  help  prevent  fraud or crime).  

o Information  in  relation  to  data  access,  correction,  restriction,  deletion,  porting  requests and complaints. 

  • Sometimes  we  may  collect  and  use  your  information  even  though  you  are  not  a  customer of ours  

For  example,  you  may  be  a  beneficiary,  director  or  representative  of  one  of  our  customers, or you may be in  the process of making an application  for an Enda O’Brien  Mortgages  Limited,  trading  as  Enda  O’Brien  Financial  Planning product  or  service.  In  other cases, your own circumstances may have a material impact on  the ability of our  customer to perform their obligations to us, and we will need to consider these. If so, we  will  apply  the  principles  outlined  in  this  Data  Privacy  Notice  when  dealing  with  your  information.

When and how we collect information about you

Enda  O’Brien  Mortgages  Limited,  trading  as  Enda  O’Brien  Financial  Planning  will  process  (collect, store and use) the information you provide in a manner compatible with the EU’s  General Data Protection Regulation. We will endeavour  to keep your information accurate  and up to date, and not keep it for longer than is necessary.  

As you use our services, apply for products, make enquiries and engage with us, information  is gathered about you. We may also collect information about you  from other people and  other  parties,  for  example,  when  you  are  named  in  an  insurance  policy  application,  from  credit rating agencies and  from sources where you have chosen to make your information  publicly available, such as social media sites.  

When we collect information about you:  

  • When  you  ask  us  to  provide  you  with  certain  products  and  services.  For  example,  insurance or investment products may require us to collect relevant health information  from you.  
  • When you use our website and online services provided by us and visit our offices.  When you or others give us information verbally or in writing. This information may be  on application forms, in records of your transactions with us or if you make a complaint.  When you use our products or services, including making transactions on your account,  we gather details about who you get money  from, who you pay money  to, how much  the payments are for and when the payments are made.   
  • From information publicly available about you – for example in trade directories, online  forums,  websites,  Facebook,  Twitter,  YouTube  or  other  social media. When  you make  information  about  yourself  publicly  available  on  your  social  media  accounts  or  where  you choose to make information available to us through your social media account, and  where it is appropriate for us to use it, this information can help enable us to do things  like: 
  1. improve our service (for example, identifying common service issues),  2. personalise your online experience with us  
  2. contact you through the social media services, and  
  3. enable you to share your experience and content via social media services.   From your online activities with third parties where you have given us your consent (for  example,  by  consenting  to  our  use  of  certain  cookies  or  other  location  tracking  technologies).  
  • From credit  reference agencies, credit  registration agencies,  fraud prevention agencies  or public agencies such as property registration authorities, the Companies Registration  Office or judgement registries. 

Please note: If you apply for or hold a financial product in joint names, you should only give  personal  information  about  someone  else  (for  example,  a  joint applicant,  guarantor  or  dependant) with their permission.

How we use your information

Whether we are using it to confirm your identity, to help in the processing of an application  for a product or service or to improve your experiences with us, your information is always  handled with care and the principles outlined in this Data Privacy Notice are always applied.  We use your information:  

  • To provide our products and services to you, and to fulfil our contract with you  To provide our products and services to you and perform our contract with you, we use  your information to:  

o Establish your eligibility for our products and services.  

o Manage and administer your accounts,  policies,  benefits  or  other  products and  services that we or our partners may provide you with. 

o Process your applications for financial services.   

o Contact  you  by  post,  phone,  text  message,  email,  social  media,  fax,  or  other  means, but not in a way contrary to your instructions to us or contrary to law. o Monitor  and  record  our  conversations  when  we  speak  on  the  telephone  (for  

example,  to  check  your  instructions  to  us,  to  analyse,  to  assess  and  improve  customer service and for training and quality purposes).  

o Manage and respond to a complaint or appeal. 

  • To manage our business for our legitimate interests  

To manage our business we may use your information to:  

  • Engage agencies to trace you (for example, where the address you have provided  is  no  longer  accurate  and  Enda  O’Brien  Mortgages  Limited,  trading  as  Enda  O’Brien Financial Planning needs to provide you with legal documentation).  
  • Provide  service  information,  to  improve  our  service  quality  and  for  training  purposes  

We may gather information about your interactions with us. 

  • Conduct marketing activities  

For  example,  running  competitions,  promotions  and  direct  marketing  (provided that you have not objected to us using your details in this way),  and research, including customer surveys, analytics and related activities. 

  • To run our business on a day to day basis including to:   
  • Carry out strategic planning and business portfolio management.   
  • Compile and process your information for audit, statistical or research purposes  (including, in some instances, making your data anonymous) in order to help us  understand trends in our customer behaviour and to understand our risks better,  including  for  providing  management  information,  operational  and  data  risk  management.  
  • Protect our business, reputation, resources and equipment, manage network and  information security (for example, developing, testing and auditing our websites  and  other  systems,  dealing  with  accidental  events  or  unlawful  or  malicious  actions  that  compromise  the  availability,  authenticity,  integrity  and  confidentiality  of  stored  or  transmitted  personal  data,  and  the  security  of  the 

related services) and prevent and detect fraud, dishonesty and other crimes (for 

example, to prevent someone trying to steal your identity), including using CCTV  at our premises. 

  • Manage and administer Enda O’Brien Mortgages Limited, trading as Enda O’Brien  Financial  Planning legal  and  compliance  affairs,  including  compliance  with  regulatory  guidance  and  voluntary  codes  of  practice to  which  we  have  committed.   
  • Enable  Enda  O’Brien  Mortgages  Limited,  trading  as  Enda  O’Brien  Financial  Planning to access your information  for internal administrative purposes, audit,  prudential,  statistical  or  research  purposes  (including  making  your  data  anonymous) to help us understand trends in customer behaviour, for helping us  to understand our risks better and  for  the purposes set out in  this Data Privacy  Notice (but not for the purposes of direct marketing where you have objected to  this).  
  • To  buy  and/or  sell  assets  Enda  O’Brien  Mortgages  Limited,  trading  as  Enda  O’Brien  Financial Planning:   
  • Members of Enda O’Brien Mortgages Limited,  trading as Enda O’Brien Financial  Planning  may  in  the  future  wish  to  sell,  transfer  or  merge  part  or  all  of  its  business or assets or to buy a new business or the assets of another business or  enter into a merger with another business. If so, we may disclose your personal  information under strict duties of confidentiality to a potential buyer, transferee,  merger  partner  or  seller  and  their  advisers,  so  long  as  they  agree  to  keep  it  confidential  and  to  use  it  only  to  consider  the  possible  transaction.  If  the  transaction  goes  ahead,  the  buyers,  transferee  or  merger  partner  may  use  or  disclose your personal information in the same way as set out in this Data Privacy  Notice.  
  • Facilitate a potential or actual transfer of any loan or product provided to you or  in connection with a securitisation or other funding arrangement.  
  • To comply with our legal and regulatory obligations  
  • We need to use your information to comply with legal and regulatory obligations  including: Complying with your information rights.   
  • Providing you with statutory and regulatory information and statements.    Establishing your identity,  residence and  tax status in order  to comply with law  and  regulation  concerning  taxation  and  the  prevention  of  money  laundering,  fraud and terrorist financing   
  • We are required by law to screen applications that are made to us to ensure we  are  complying  with  the  international  fight  against  terrorism  and  other  criminal  activities. As a  result, we may need  to disclose information  to government and  other statutory bodies.  
  • Preparing  returns  to  regulators  and  relevant  authorities  including  preparing  income tax, capital gains tax, capital acquisition tax and other revenue returns. Reporting  to  and,  where  relevant,  conducting  searches  on  other  industry  registers.  
  • Complying  with  binding  requests  from  regulatory  bodies,  including the  Central  Bank of Ireland. 
  • Complying  with  binding  production  orders  or  search  warrants,  and  orders  relating to requests for mutual legal assistance in criminal matters received from  foreign law enforcement agencies/prosecutors. 
  • For other reasons where a statutory reason exists we do so, including use of your  Personal Public Service (PPS) number (or foreign equivalent).  
  • Complying with court orders arising in civil or criminal proceedings.  Performing a task carried out in the public interest. 
  • Where you have given us permission (which you may withdraw at any time)  Where you have given us permission (which you can withdraw at any time) we may:  Send  electronic  messages  to  you  about  product  and  service  offers  from  Enda  

O’Brien Mortgages Limited, trading as Enda O’Brien Financial Planning and/or our  selected and trusted partners.  

  • Share  your  data  with  third  parties  so  that  they  may  send  you  electronic  messaging about their products and offers. 
  • Use cookies in accordance with our Cookie Policy.  
  • Use special categories of data, or sensitive data.   
  • Use information you have made public and combine with this with the activities  outlined above. When we ask  for your consent, we will provide you with more  information on how we will use your data in reliance on that consent, including  in relation to third parties we would like your consent to share your data with.  

Who we share your information with

We  only  share  your  information  with  a  select  number  of  individuals  and  companies,  and  only  as  necessary.  Sharing  can  occur  in  the  following  circumstances  and/or  with  the following persons:   

  • Your authorised representatives:  
  • These  include  your attorney  (under  a  Power  of  Attorney)  and  any  other  party  authorised by you to receive your personal data.  
  • Third parties we need  to share your information with in order  to  facilitate payments  you have requested and those you ask us to share your information with.  
  • When you apply to us for financial advice, services or products.  
  • We will pass your details on to the relevant providers with your written consent.  We may request information relating to your health for underwriting and claims  administration purposes.  
  • We  may  disclose  your  information  to  our  agents and  other  insurers  and  third  parties  for administration,  regulatory, customer care and  service purposes, and  to investigate or prevent fraud.  
  • When you use a joint product. 
  • If you open or hold a joint account or product, this may mean that your personal  data will be shared with the other applicant. For example, transactions made by  you will be seen by your joint account holder, and you will see their transactions.
  • Guarantors.  
  • We will share your information with any person or entity which guarantees your  obligations to us (for example, if a parent guarantees your mortgage or an entity  provides  a  guarantee  as  part  of  a  statutory  scheme)  or  gives  us  an  indemnity  concerning these obligations.   
  • Companies that provide support services for the purposes of protecting our legitimate  interests.  
  • Your personal information remains protected when our service providers use it.  We only permit service providers to use your information in accordance with our  instructions,  and  we  ensure  that  they  have  appropriate  measures in  place  to  protect your information.   
  • Our  service  providers  include  marketing  and  market  research  companies,  analytics  companies,  investment  companies,  IT  and  telecommunication  service  providers,  software  development  contractors,  data  processors,  computer  maintenance  contractors,  printing  companies,  property  contractors,  document  storage and  destruction  companies,  custodians and  providers  of administration  services,  archiving  services  suppliers,  debt  collection  agencies,  budgeting  and  advice  agencies,  tracing  agencies,  receivers,  liquidators,  examiners,  official  Assignee  for  Bankruptcy  and  equivalent  in other  jurisdictions,  auditors  and  consultants, including legal advisors.  
  • We may also share information with the following third parties to help us manage our  business for our legitimate interests:  
  • Insurers/re-insurers and insurance bureaus. 
  • Trade associations and  professional  bodies,  non-statutory  bodies and members  of trade association.  
  • Pension fund administrators, trustees of collective investment undertakings and  pensions trustees.  
  • Persons making an enquiry or complaint.  
  • Healthcare professionals and medical consultants.   
  • Business partners and joint ventures. In such cases, we, our business partners or  those  involved  in  the  joint  venture  will  let  you  know  that  your  information  is  being shared and who it is being shared with.  
  • Statutory  and  regulatory  bodies  (including  central  and  local  government)  and law  enforcement authorities.   
  • These  include  the  courts  and  those  appointed  by  the  courts,  government  departments,  statutory  and  regulatory  bodies  in  all  jurisdictions  where Enda  O’Brien Mortgages Limited,  trading as Enda O’Brien Financial Planning operates  including:  the  Central  Bank  of  Ireland,  the  Data  Protection  Commission,  the  Financial  Services and  Pensions Ombudsman,  An  Garda  Síochána/police  authorities/enforcement  agencies,  Revenue  Commissioners,  Criminal  Assets  Bureau, US, EU and  other  designated authorities in  connection with  combating  financial  and  other  serious  crime,  NAMA  and  its  agents  or  other  parties  designated by or agreed with NAMA or designated under the relevant legislation, 

police forces and security organisations, ombudsmen and regulatory authorities,  as well as fraud prevention agencies.  

  • Credit reference/rating agencies, including The Irish Credit Bureau. 
  • Third  parties  in  connection  with  a  sale  or  purchase  of  assets  by  a  member  of  Enda  O’Brien Mortgages Limited, trading as Enda O’Brien Financial Planning. Those who are interested in  or  participating in  buying  or  selling assets  of Enda  O’Brien  Mortgages  Limited,  trading  as  Enda  O’Brien  Financial  Planning or  in  connection  with  a  funding  arrangement  for  Enda  O’Brien  Mortgages  Limited,  trading as Enda O’Brien Financial Planning. 
  • Correspondent  banks  and  other  financial  institutions  engaged  to  supply  status  opinions in accordance with banking practice.  
  • Where you cannot be found or you become insolvent. 

o In  certain  contracts  of  insurance  where,  for  whatever  reason,  you  cannot  be  found  or  you  become  insolvent,  or  the  court  finds  it  just  and equitable  to  so  order,  then your  rights under  the contract may be  transferred  to and vested in  the  third  party  even  though  they  are  not  a  party  to  the  contract  of  insurance.   The  third  party  has a  right  to  recover  from  the  insurer  the amount  of any  loss  suffered  by  them.  Where  the  third  party  reasonably  believes  that  you  as  policyholder have incurred a liability the third party may be entitled to seek and  obtain  information  from  the  insurer  or  from  any  other  person  who  is  able  to  provide it concerning: 

the existence of the insurance contract, 

who the insurer is, 

the terms of the contract, and 

whether  the  insurer  has  informed  the  insured  person  that  the  insurer  intends to refuse liability under the contract. 

How long we hold your information

The length of time we hold your data depends on a number of  factors, such as  regulatory  rules and the type of financial product we have provided to you.  Those factors include:  The  regulatory  rules  contained  in  laws  and  regulations  or  set  by  authorities  like  the  

Central Bank of Ireland, for example, in the Consumer Protection Code.  The type of financial product we have provided to you.  

  • Whether you and us are in a legal or some other type of dispute with another person or  each other.  
  • The type of data we hold about you. 
  • Whether you or a regulatory authority asks us to keep it for a valid reason.  Whether  we  use  your  data  for  long-term  statistical  modelling,  provided  that  such  modelling does not affect any decision we make about you.   

As a general rule, we keep your information for a specified period after the date on which  a transaction has completed or you cease to be a customer. In most cases this period is  six (6) years.

Implications of not providing information

Sharing information with us is in both your interest and ours.  

  • We need your information in order to:  

o Provide our products and services to you and fulfil our contract with you.   o Manage our business for our legitimate interests.   

o Comply with our legal obligations.   

o Of course, you can choose not to share information, but doing so may limit the  services we are able to provide to you.   

o We may not be able to provide you with certain products and services that you  request. We may not be able to continue to provide you with or renew existing  products and services.   

o We may not be able to assess your suitability for a product or service, or, where  relevant,  give  you  a  recommendation  to  provide  you  with  an Enda  O’Brien  Mortgages Limited,  trading as Enda O’Brien Financial Planning financial product  or service.   

o When  we  request  information,  we  will  tell  you  if  providing  it  is  a  contractual  requirement  or  not,  and  whether  or  not  we  need  it  to  comply with  our  legal  obligations.  

The legal basis for using your information

In  order  for  us  to  provide  you  with  financial  advice,  services  or  products,  Enda  O’Brien  Mortgages Limited, trading as Enda O’Brien Financial Planning need to collect personal data  to  provide  you with  financial advice,  services  or  products. Our  reason  for  processing  your  data under the GDPR is:  

  • Legal basis – Enda O’Brien Mortgages Limited, trading as Enda O’Brien Financial Planning  needs  to  process  your  data  as  this  is  necessary  in  relation  to  forming  a  contract  of  insurance to which the individual has/will enter into or because the individual has asked  for something to be done so they can enter into a contract to be provided with financial  advice, services or products.  

In  any event, Enda O’Brien Mortgages  Limited,  trading  as Enda O’Brien  Financial  Planning  are  committed  to ensuring  that  the information we  collect and  use is appropriate  for  this  purpose and does not constitute an invasion of your privacy. 

How we keep your data safe

We  use  technical  and  organisational measures  to  protect  your  personal  information  from  unauthorised access,  to maintain data accuracy and  to help ensure  the appropriate use of  your  personal  information.  These  security  measures  include  encryption  of  your  personal  information, 24/7 physical protection of facilities where your personal information is stored,  background  checks  for  personnel  that  access  physical  facilities,  and  strong  security  procedures  across  all  service  operations.  We  use  strong  encryption  algorithms  for  the  transmission  and  storage  of  your  information.  When  you  contact  us  to  ask  about  your  information, we may ask you to identify yourself. This is to help protect your information.

Processing your information outside the EEA

Your  information  is  stored  on  secure  systems  within  Enda  O’Brien  Mortgages  Limited,  trading  as  Enda  O’Brien  Financial  Planning premises  and  with  providers  of  secure  information  storage. We may  transfer  or allow  the  transfer  of information about you and  your products and services with us to our service providers and other organisations outside  the European Economic Area  (EEA), but only if  they agree  to act solely on our instructions  and protect your information to the same standard that applies in the EEA.  

  • Using companies to process your information outside the EEA.  

Some  of  our  service  providers,  for  example  IT,  telecommunication,  credit  reference  agencies,  payment  processors,  custodians  and  providers  of  administration  services,  tracing agents and  contractors are  based  outside  of  the EEA. Where we authorise  the  processing/  transfer  of your  personal information  outside  of  the EEA, we  require your  personal  information  to  be  protected  to  at  least  Irish  standards  and  include  the  following data protection transfer mechanisms:  

o Adherence  to  the  EU/US  Privacy  Shield.  You  can  find more  information  on  the  EU/US Privacy Shield at including a list of all organisations  that have signed up to the EU/US Privacy Shield framework. Please contact us for  further  details  on  any  transfers  of  personal  information  by  Enda  O’Brien  Mortgages Limited,  trading as Enda O’Brien Financial Planning to entities in  the  US.  

How to exercise your information rights (including the right to object)

Providing and holding personal information comes with significant  rights on your part and  significant  obligations  on  ours.  You  have  several  rights  in  relation  to  how  we  use  your  information. If  you make  your  request electronically, we will, where  possible,  provide  the  relevant information electronically unless you ask us otherwise:  

You have the right to:  

  • Right of access – you have the right to request a copy of the information that we hold  about you. 
  • Right of rectification – you have a right to correct data that we hold about you that is  inaccurate or incomplete. 
  • Right to be forgotten – in certain circumstances you can ask for the data we hold about  you to be erased from our records. 
  • Right  to  restriction  of  processing – where  certain  conditions  apply  to  have  a  right  to  restrict the processing. 
  • Right of portability – you have the right to have the data we hold about you transferred  to another organisation. 
  • Right  to  object – you  have  the  right  to  object  to  certain  types  of  processing  such  as  direct marketing. 
  • Right to object to automated processing, including profiling – you also have the right to  be subject to the legal effects of automated processing or profiling. We use profiling to  establish  a  customer’s  attitude  to  investment  risk  to  the  product/service/advice  being  provided. We have calculators which calculate the customers’ attitude to various levels 

of risk having answered a series of questions. You will be notified in order to complete a  Risk Profiling questionnaire and will also be notified of the results. We do not share this  information with third party providers but will make recommendations taking the results  into account. 

  • Right  to  judicial  review – in  the  event  that  Organisation  Name  refuses  your  request  under rights of access, we will provide you with a reason as to why. 
  • Withdraw  consent  at  any  time,  where  any  processing  is  based  on  consent – if  you  withdraw  your  consent,  it  will  not  affect  the  lawfulness  of  processing  based  on  your  consent before its withdrawal. 

We are obliged to respond without undue delay. In most instances, we will respond within  one  calendar  month.  If  we  are  unable  to  deal  with  your  request  fully  within  a  calendar  month  (due to  the  complexity  or  number  of  requests),  we  may  extend  this  period  by  a  further two calendar months. Should this be necessary, we will explain the reasons why. If  you  make  your  request  electronically,  we  will,  where  possible,  provide  the  relevant  information electronically unless you ask us otherwise.  

You  have  the  right  to  complain  to  the  Data  Protection  Commission.  You  can  contact  the  Office of the Data Protection Commissioner at:  


Telephone: +353 (0)761 104 800 or Lo Call Number 1890 252 231  

Fax: +353 57 868 4757  


Postal Address: Data Protection Commission, Canal House, Station Road, Portarlington, R32  AP23, Co. Laois.  

How to contact us and/or our Data Protection Officer

Your  privacy  is  important  to  us.  If  you  have  any  comments  or  questions  regarding  this  statement, please contact us on 087 823 3425 or email  Privacy policy statement changes Enda O’Brien Mortgages Limited, trading as Enda O’Brien  Financial Planning may change this privacy policy from time to time. When such a change is  made,  we  will  post  a  revised  version  online.  Changes  will  be  effective  from  the  point  at  which  they are posted. It is your  responsibility  to  review  this privacy policy periodically so  you are aware of any changes. By using our services, you agree to this privacy policy.  

Changes to this notice

We will update this Data Privacy Notice from time to time. When such a change is made, we  will post a revised version online. Changes will be effective from the point at which they are  posted. It is your responsibility to review this privacy policy periodically, so you are aware of  any changes. By using our services, you agree to this privacy policy. 

This privacy policy was last reviewed on 1st December 2021. 

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